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    Company Profile

    Shenzhen wise Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is located in Shenzhen, Pingshan District, six community fly west the second industrial zone, covers an area of 50000 square meters, is a private enterprise, engaged in precision molds, precision electronic products, new energy and optical products, wearable intelligent products and intelligent flight control products and other aspects of the business, the company set research and development, design, manufacturing and sales in one, the customers throughout the domestic and foreign.

    The company consists of precision tooling division, optical lens division, 3C intelligent terminal components division, LED division, precision machining division, such as the five major division.

    Companies adhere to the independent innovation, set up a research and development team, and with the University jointly set up R & D center, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and application in new energy and energy-saving technology, new material technology and high technology transformation of traditional industries in the field of R & D results significantly. At the same time, the company has a large number of outstanding professional and technical personnel and high, fine, cutting-edge advanced equipment for the manufacture and quality of products to provide a strong guarantee.

    In recent years, the company won consecutive Shenzhen city new energy enterprises, Shenzhen backbone enterprises, Shenzhen City innovative small and micro enterprises, urban labor relationship harmonious enterprise, 2015 state-level high-tech enterprises for review by, now has "Qi" and "RQL" trademark and 60 multinomial patent (including 2 invention patents and independent intellectual property rights. For the company's technological transformation and upgrading, lay a solid foundation.

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